Painful and Funny Things About McDonald’s

The lovely former town of Woolwich (now part of London) has the distinction of being sort of a reverse Plymouth Rock. The first McDonald’s store in the United Kingdom opened there 42 years ago. The McDonald’s Blue Plaque is also said to be in Woolwich, “behind the delivery gates adjacent to Garrett House,” whatever that is.

The text on this classy piece of folk art reads:

Food and nutrition: To McDonald’s Restaurants for their contribution to child obesity in Britain since 1974.

The U.K. is famous for its anti-McDonald’s activists. As an example, Lee Miles of Hereford became frustrated, cross, and enraged by the obesity-promoting corporate brainwashing techniques aimed at his children and their peers. He fitted out a 47-second McDonald’s commercial (better seen than described) with a new soundtrack expressing what he believes the corporation actually means. The phrase “wrong message” is repeated several times.

Remember how McDonald’s public relations score suffered after someone leaked the employees’ manual? The Daily Mail summed it up like this:

McDonald’s website advises staff NOT to eat fast food

• The same website that told employees to apply for food stamps, pawn their things and find second jobs is at it again
• McResource Line advises employees to not eat deep fried food
• The Golden Arches wants employees to eat salad and vegetables — minus the bacon, cheese and mayonnaise

In one way, it’s hard to see where the problem lies. The corporation gives its workers solid advice, and what could be wrong with that? Employees do have health issues.

One reason may be the ubiquity of corn in the product. UC Berkeley’s Michael Pollan wrote:

If you take a McDonald’s meal, you don’t realize it when you eat it, but you’re eating corn. Beef has been corn-fed. Soda is corn. Even the French fries. Half the calories in the French fries come from the fat they’re fried in, which is liable to be either corn oil or soy oil… Everything on your plate is corn.

But this goes beyond employees. While it is unlikely that any children are employed by the corporation, the kids who are customers are undoubtedly affected. A report from King George’s Medical University indicates that children are getting crazy numbers of kidney stones.

Urology Department head Dr. S.N. Shankhwar told a journalist:

Fast food contains high levels of sodium which affects calcium metabolism in the body, causing a condition called hypercalciurea, which leads to the formation of stones. Aerated drinks also decrease the ph level of urine, which does not allow complete dissolution of waste products generated in the body, leading to crystal formation and strengthening of previously existing crystals.

The catalogue of misery generated by kidney stones is impressive. Grown women compare it to childbirth-level pain. Do kids have to suffer this way? As if that weren’t enough, fast food is also accused of lowering the nation’s intelligence quotient (IQ). A study of almost 12,000 children pointed to “a direct connection between fast food intake and lower marks in school.”

But which way does the arrow of causality point? Or is it all just coincidence?

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